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Ted Cruz Urges Special Counsel to Investigate Alleged Biden Corruption: Ex-Trump Official at Helm


Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said this week that he wants to see former Director of Intelligence John Ratcliffe appointed as special counsel to investigate alleged Biden corruption. Cruz made the remarks during an episode of his “Verdict” podcast while explaining the need for a special counsel to lead the various probes into the Biden family who isn’t “a patsy for the president and the party in power.”

“You know who they ought to appoint? They ought to appoint someone like John Ratcliffe,” Cruz said. “John Ratcliffe was former acting U.S. Attorney in Texas, was head of the Department of National Intelligence, was a U.S. congressman. Now John is a conservative Republican. John is a real prosecutor.”

“If John Ratcliffe were appointed special counsel to investigate Merrick Garland for lying under oath and obstruction of justice, to investigate Hunter Biden, and most significantly to investigate Joe Biden, if John Ratcliffe were appointed, it would scare the living crap out of Joe Biden, out of Hunter Biden, out of Merrick Garland, out of every partisan Democrat because you’d actually have a prosecutor willing to follow the facts,” Cruz added.

Cruz made the remarks after taking a shot at Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation last week, for “dragging his feet long enough that he gave a significant degree of immunity to everyone who broke the law here.”

“Under the DOJ rules, David Weiss’ appointment is illegal. The special counsel is designed to be someone from outside of government and that’s not an accident. So there’s a reason for that,” Cruz said. “You appoint a special counsel when there’s a conflict of interest within the Department of Justice. When it’s not possible for DOJ to fairly investigate it, you appoint someone from outside the government who can actually take it on and be fair and impartial.”

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Cruz said that special counsels are typically former prosecutors who are outside the government and who are from the opposing political party.

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