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Jimmy Buffett, ‘Margaritaville’ Singer-Songwriter And Lifestyle Tycoon, Dies At 76

In 1971, Jimmy Buffett was just another struggling singer-songwriter. His debut album, “Down to Earth,” had been a flop. His label wouldn’t even release the...

One of The Most Magnificent Concert Venues in L.A. is The Dome of this 100-inch Telescope

I’ve been to my fair share of live music performances, held everywhere from Radio City Music Hall to college dorm rooms. The first concert...

The Secret to Unshakable Confidence

Face your fears and take the plunge. You’ll feel freshly confident after you do. I don’t remember a time without diving boards in my life....

COVID-19’s Impact on Heart Health: Ongoing Doctor Dilemmas

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Firefighter and paramedic Mike Camilleri once had no trouble hauling heavy gear up ladders. Now battling long COVID, he gingerly...

Lil Tay, Social Media Influencer and Rapper, Dead at 14

The Canadian internet rapper and social media sensation's death is said to have come shortly after her brother's Lil Tay, the Canadian internet rap sensation...

$2 Million ‘Cash’ Grab Attempt For Iconic California License Plate

Back in 1970, patent attorney Claude Arthur Stuart Hamrick registered a plate based on his initials, CASH, and slapped it on his Buick Riviera. Now,...


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