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‘They Don’t Know Sh*t’: Football Coach Biff Poggi Gives Media An Earful In Soundbite For The Ages


Right when it seems like all hope is gone and that political correctness has ruined all of sports, along comes a man by the name of Francis “Biff” Poggi to really give it to the media for being the sidewinders they really are.

Poggi, the new head coach of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte 49ers, unloaded on journalists Tuesday after they only asked him a few questions during a press conference after ranking his team dead last — 14 out of 14 — in an AAC preseason poll as voted by sports writers.

“That’s it? Three questions?” Poggi said at AAC media day. “Maybe that’s because you have us ranked last. That’s all that you think of us. So … we get that message. Thank you.”


Poggi, one of the best high school football coaches in Baltimore history and a former University of Michigan associate head coach, joined SiriusXM radio to break down why he was disgusted by the “disrespect.”

“You guys suck, let’s get to the next guys,” Poggi said, mocking the media. “And I would like to take whoever those writers were who voted on that, and hold them upside down by their ankles and smack their heads off the ground a couple of times because they don’t know sh*t.”

Poggi is well respected by two of the best coaches in college football and many others.

Upon his hiring at Charlotte last November, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh said in a statement, “Biff has been a tremendous asset to our University of Michigan Football program, providing support and mentorship to our coaching staff and players. He has a great football mind, knows how to prepare a team during the week and on game day, and is a coach that aims to change the lives of his players in a positive way. Biff is a trusted agent and known friend, and I know that his leadership and ability to develop a team-first culture will be a huge asset to the Charlotte 49ers.”

University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban also praised him.

“Biff Poggi will generate excitement and success for the program,” Saban said. “The players will love playing for him and the coaches will love working with him.  Get ready to win!”

Saban, of course, has also been known to let the media have it. Here’s a sampling of some of his best moments:

Poggi’s comments are worth re-emphasizing so that readers can really get a visual for what he wants to do to journalists.

He said he wanted to “hold them upside down by their ankles and smack their heads off the ground a couple times” — like a pogo stick — “because they don’t know sh*t.”

That masterful use of the English language paints a vivid picture. Not since the days of NCAA basketball Coach Bobby Knight have we been given such a soundbite.

And how about Poggi’s undying belief in his players? To steal a phrase from Harbaugh, the 49ers must be ready to attack today with “an enthusiasm unknown to mankind” after his remarks.

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