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Confrontation Unleashed: Alec Baldwin Reacts Strongly to Anti-Israel Protester


Alec Baldwin blew up on an anti-Israel protestor who was part of a march in New York City before police stepped in to get the actor out of the area.

The protestor asked the former “Saturday Night Live” star, “You work in Hollywood … so do you condemn Israel” for defending itself following the October 7 Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel that left 1,200 people dead.

“You’ve already got your mind made up,” Baldwin replied.

“I’m in Hollywood’s pocket, is that what you say?” he added, before slamming the guy, “You ask stupid questions.”

But the protestor continued to repeatedly ask, “Is that your answer?”

“Ask me a smart question!” Baldwin snapped back, before police officers tried to escort him away from the situation.

The protestor then started screaming at the star about whether or not the actor condemned Israel, and the “30 Rock” star got in the protestor’s face and shouted, “Why don’t you shut the f*** up?”

“I want peace for Gaza,” Baldwin said in response to another activist later, Fox News noted.

In another video, Baldwin tried to walk away from the protest with the help of the New York City Police Department as the protestors shouted profanity at him.

The star turned around at one point and sarcastically said, “You’re really helping your cause,” TMZ noted.

Reading through the comments, people showed support for the actor who often draws the ire of many on social media over his past political comments.

“Do we still hate Alec Baldwin?” one person asked. “He showed more balls here than most people.”

Another added, “I never had Hollywood actor [Alec Baldwin] standing up to antisemitic and anti-#Israel protesters on my 2023 bingo card but here you go. Good for him!”

While a third wrote, “It’s nice to see that not everyone backs down in fear of the mindless mob. Tonight, when Anti-Israel protestors in New York City attacked him with questions, Alec Baldwin refused to condemn Israel…”

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