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Bill Gates Amazed as ‘Meaningful Minority’ Stands Against COVID Vaccine Acceptance


It seems Bill Gates was disappointed to find a “meaningful minority” resisted the COVID-19 vaccine throughout the pandemic.

A video re-surfaced and led to #BillGates trending on X (formerly known as Twitter), where the Microsoft founder was interviewed during the Bloomberg New Economy Forum.

He shares his thoughts on the interesting “case” which he mentions as a “test of people’s trust in their politicians or their health system.”

Gates further mentioned that a “meaningful minority” refused to take an experimental vaccine initially claimed as a conspiracy and shared his hopes that other diseases will inspire the unvaccinated masses to take their suggested vaccines: “I hope vaccine acceptance for other diseases like Measles is not reduced by this, but a lot of people jumped in and took the vaccines, but a meaningful minority in most countries were led down a path of believing not only were there rare side effects but that the vaccine was not properly tested or was part of some evil conspiracy.”

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Critics went to Twitter to share their thoughts:

Interviewer John Micklethwait then asked if promoting vaccination is a problem globally to which Gates responded with:

“Getting big compliance is hard. My main experience with this before the pandemic was our work on Polio, where we have to get about 85 percent of our kids to take the vaccine. From time to time, we’ll get rumors that make it very hard to achieve that, and then we’ll get trusted leaders to set an example and give, in this case, oral drops to their kids. We have been able to succeed in that to the point where now wild polio is only in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

Gates also noted that in order to prevent future pandemics, widespread surveillance systems should be implemented and remain functional “even when the local government is dysfunctional or not interested in trumpeting the information.”

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