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New York Attorney General and Trump Legal Team Urge Judge to Expedite Civil Fraud Verdict

The New York attorney general’s office and lawyers for Donald Trump agree on one thing: they want the judge overseeing the former president’s civil...

Joe Biden Triumphs in South Carolina Primary Election 2024

South Carolina held the first official Democratic primary. President Joe Biden won easily. Historically, Iowa and New Hampshire went first, but Biden elected to...

Judicial Decision: Oregon High Court Bars Reelection for 10 GOP Senators in Walkout Saga

The Oregon Supreme Court said Thursday that 10 Republican state senators who staged a record-long walkout last year to stall bills on abortion, transgender...

A Potential Political Clash: Biden vs. Trump Round Two Looms on the Horizon

U.S. presidential elections have been rocked in recent years by economic disaster, stunning gaffes, secret video and a pandemic. But for all the tumult...

Vivek Ramaswamy Campaign Halts TV Ad Spending!

Vivek Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign has stopped spending money on television ads and does not have any TV ad reservations booked, according to his campaign...


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