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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Feisty and Forward: Joe Biden’s State of the Union Rally for Re-election

President Joe Biden delivered a defiant argument for a second term in his State of the Union speech Thursday night, lacing into GOP front-runner...

Joe Biden Campaign Takes to TikTok Amid Administration’s App Security Concerns

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign is now on TikTok, even though he has expressed national security concerns over the platform and banned it on...

Biden Secures Victory in Nevada Democratic Primary; Haley Falters in GOP Contest

President Joe Biden easily won Nevada’s Democratic presidential primary Tuesday night, putting him one step closer to formally securing his party’s nomination for a...

Joe Biden Secures Victory in New Hampshire Democratic Primary Through Write-In Votes

Joe Biden has won New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary, even though the incumbent refused to campaign in the state and had to rely on...

A Potential Political Clash: Biden vs. Trump Round Two Looms on the Horizon

U.S. presidential elections have been rocked in recent years by economic disaster, stunning gaffes, secret video and a pandemic. But for all the tumult...

Vivek Ramaswamy Campaign Halts TV Ad Spending!

Vivek Ramaswamy’s presidential campaign has stopped spending money on television ads and does not have any TV ad reservations booked, according to his campaign...


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