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Screenwriters Secured A New Deal For AI. For Actors, The Fight Could Be Even Harder

After nearly five months on strike, the Writers Guild of America has finally reached a tentative deal with Hollywood’s major studios. Among the key...

AI-Powered Sermons: Rabbi Embraces ChatGPT, Theologian Warns of ‘Idolatry

In what might be the latest sign of things to come, a rabbi in New York has become the first Jewish teacher to deliver...

Biblical Guidance in the AI Age: Exploring the Role of Open AI ChatGPT for Christians

“Just because a machine can do something, a Christian needs to have wisdom to know if it should do something,” said Brian Page, acknowledging...

Software Companies Pushing To Raise The Scope Of Virtual Reality

At the turn of the century, the concept and initiation of virtual reality (VR) were limited to just the film and TV industry. The advent...


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