What’s happening with the New Social Equity

What’s happening with the New Social Equity

Episode 2

About this Podcast:

In this podcast, we delve into the pressing issues and significant developments surrounding social equity, focusing on its impact on various aspects of our society. We aim to shed light on the challenges, progress, and innovative solutions emerging in this dynamic field.

From discussions on inclusive policies and diverse representation to conversations with experts, activists, and thought leaders, we strive to provide thought-provoking and informative content that encourages dialogue and promotes positive change.

Episode Transcript:

00:00:00:06 - 00:00:27:13
Arnie Abramyan

Hey, guys, aren't you here talking about L.A. politics, baby? What's happening with the new social equity program? Social equity just approved another I believe, 100 licenses. Lottery people won round three. It's not going to be what everybody thinks it is. The March 31st deadline just passed. Whoever had a location and a, you know, local authorization gets to apply for the state license.

00:00:27:13 - 00:00:51:10
Arnie Abramyan

And if they didn't, they're probably going to be about a year behind. So social equity applicants are going through a lot. The prices for the licenses dropped during the 3 to 400000 range. Some people are going to re evaluate their options, their partners. And very soon you will see a lot more licenses up for sale or disputes between social equity and investors.

00:00:51:12 - 00:00:53:11
Arnie Abramyan

So stay tuned about that.

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