How do you protect your business?

How do you protect your business?

Episode 1

About this Podcast:

In today’s ever-evolving world, safeguarding your business has become crucial to its success and longevity. From emerging technological advancements to changing market dynamics, there are various factors that can impact the security and well-being of your organization.

Throughout this podcast, we’ll delve into a wide range of subjects, including risk management, cybersecurity, legal considerations, disaster preparedness, and more. Our aim is to provide you with valuable insights, expert advice, and practical strategies to help you navigate the challenges of protecting your business in a rapidly changing landscape.

Episode Transcript:

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Arnie Abramyan

Right. How do I protect my business? Well, how do you protect your business? The best way to protect your business is one to have an alarm that texts you and calls you right away. We had an alarm company that would cause ten, 20 minutes after the actual alarm went off, which was horrible because the thieves were gone by the time we even got a call from the alarm company.

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Arnie Abramyan

I'm going to dig these informations up to let you know so not to use those companies. Currently we are using alarm dot com alarm. Our concerns your text right away. Right away. When something goes wrong, someone breaks a window. Someone you know knocks on your door in the middle of the night. There's motion detectors that will send you a text at the same time.

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Arnie Abramyan

There's other options. Also, surveillance cameras that you could look into. Surveillance cameras that could send a text. So alarm and surveillance cameras are two of the most important detectors. The other thing is that we're going to be doing here in our DVR song and Tom Days, we will be having armed security, armed guards at night that will patrol our businesses because it's getting out of control.

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Arnie Abramyan

LAPD is helpless. There are I don't want to say hopeless because they just don't have enough manpower. They don't have enough bandwidth to handle the chaos that's happened. And the DEA is not prosecuting anything. People are frustrated. Law enforcement is frustrated. We need to start making noise. So get loud and get out there. Let your voices be heard.

00:01:31:26 - 00:01:32:11 Speaker 1 Thank you.

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Arnie Abramyan

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